Australians - listen up.

Some significant decisions will soon be made by the government about the way brokers get paid. Who do these changes impact? You - and 17,000 small businesses across Australia who have built their business by working hard for you, not the banks.

Brokers work for you - our clients. Always have, always will.

Take a look at the important role brokers play in the Australian mortgage market. If banks get their way and weaken the brokers across all the communities throughout Australia, you may be left to foot the bill.

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Brokers keep the big banks honest

Aussies need and deserve a fair and competitive mortgage market - brokers provide that. If the Big Four Banks get their way and the government makes significant changes to the way brokers get paid, the only winners are the Big Four Banks. Guess who foots the bill - the customer.


Brokers give customers more choice

Brokers customers can choose from over 34 lenders (on average) across the industry from small and medium lenders to the big banks. Brokers negotiate with all of them on behalf of their customers. Use a bank - and you’ve only got one option.


Customers love their brokers

Brokers rely on their clients recommending their service. Customer satisfaction scores show that brokers are are doing an outstanding job:

- The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Loan Market brokers is +92, the industry average is +70 and banks are at -10.

- rates us 4.8 out of 5 stars

- 92% of customers said they would work with their Loan Market broker again


Brokers are in demand

This year, 59.1% of Aussies chose to get a broker working hard for them (up from 51.5% in 2017). Across Australia, 27,000 brokers, operating small business in your community, are working hard to help customers reach their goals.


Who do brokers work for? You.

Brokers work for you, and all Australians. We negotiate hard with the banks to get you the most competitive outcome. At Loan Market, we’re not a bank, and we’re not owned by a bank. We’re family owned and operated. Our priority is, and will always be on you and your needs.


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Will sense prevail in Royal Commission recommendations?

The Banking Royal Commission was supposed to defend the average Aussie, but ended up recommending to hit them with a new fee instead. We hope common sense has prevailed, and consumers won’t be the biggest losers, writes Loan Market executive chairman Sam White.

As the executive chairman of a 100 per cent family owned (with no bank ownership) mortgage brokerage, where the customer always comes first, I held high hopes that the Royal Commission would stand up for the rights of Australian customers.

I’m passionate about brokers and the future of our industry of course, but more than that, I care about our customers. Everyday people, striving to make it on the property ladder.


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